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Serenity Web Maintenance


You have WordPress or HTML5 Standard Web Site :13? This subscription is only for Clients of :13 / 13or! As you know, the maintenance & monitoring of your website is offered free of charge for the first year.

This maintenance is however essential to the life of your precious website. The updates of the tools, the CMS, the scripts of certain server elements are essential when it comes to the durability of your site. You want to outsource its maintenance?

We have created a simple and reassuring solution for you! The "WP Serenity": monitoring and saving your tools throughout the year (Zen or Max).

  • One Full backup per quarte: SQL & FTP (once a month for Serenity Max)
  • Technicien availability 24/7 if your web site submit attack.
  • Server Up to 99% by day.
  • Monitoring Website 24/7 - SMS alert are push to the support :13 if they are attack or problem on your website.
  • 1 hour call with support for:
    Analyze and discuss new needs/features for your futur website or development.

Without the Serenity Web subscription your Wordpress will not be guaranteed, security and maintenance of the tools take more and more time in our work. This subscription also allows you, if one day you no longer wish to be hosted by OVH or if a technical problem arises with it, to return to your base thanks to a regular backup (FTP & SQL) of your content on the website. Advantage if one day your host fails you, you could quickly go to another host with this type of backup : Hostinger, AWS, Infomaniak.

Simon Dupont-Gellert ceo 13or

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WordPress Maintenance + Full Backup SQL & FTP. Price per year

€159 a year

Serenity Web Maintenance

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